Apartheid Times

All Lives Matter

What Can I Do?

  • PRAY
  • Become knowledgeable about the history and the social and political science in this fascinating and diverse land so that you can spread the truth about what is really happening in this social experiment of the rainbow nation.
  • Call your congressmen or women and apply pressure on them to find out what the USA policy is on South Africa. This kind of grassroots pressure was, as you remember, very effective in placing sanctions on the apartheid government of the ’80s and ’90s.
  • Communicate with others on the various articles exploring different aspects of the problem and brainstorm on approaches that may or may not work.
  • Consider Becoming a Sponsor for Asylum.
  • Plan to visit South Africa and round out your academic knowledge with real-life experiences. South Africa is truly at the crossroads of the social experiment of our age and has an extremely interesting history, dynamic and diverse people and architecture, and beautiful scenery.

We do not plan on being another website which asks for more of your hard earned money. But if you feel compelled to contribute financially to support a cause, we will be happy to offer leads to convenient, honest and reputable organizations accepting donations.

Twenty-five years after South Africa became a democratic country and the darling of the media because of the relatively peaceful transition of power from the predominantly colonial ruling class to a democratically elected government with a constitution written for the people, many are unaware that it is a deeply segregated country.

The rainbow nation ideal has not been attained and some argue it has real challenges ahead if it is to salvage the dream.

This web site will challenge everyone to reflect deeply on the problems and solutions to move forward this beacon of hope at the Southern tip of Africa. All Lives Matter!