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Why the New Testament Includes the books it contains and excludes others

It is worth making the distinction made by Kruger (2012) in relation to the difference between de facto and de jure objections (p. 20). This positional paper is based on…

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There are Essentially ONLY Two Groups of People

I honestly believe you are in only one of two camps. You believe truth is inspired, preserved and contained in the Bible or Not. I am unapologetically in the prior…

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Critique of Ayn Rand – Author of Atlas Shrugged; The Fountainhead; We, the Living …

I first read Ayn at the behest of my aunt, who I am now realize was a conservative, as a new teenager and became so engrossed in The Fountainhead that…

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South Africa, History In an Hour

Holmes, A., South Africa: History in an Hour. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers Limited, 2012 History in an hour “is a series of eBooks to help the reader learn the…

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A Thousand Hills

       A Thousand Hills by Stephen Kinzer is the biography of one of Africa’s most accomplished leaders who is now president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. This excellent narrative captures the…

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Why is this site called Apartheid Times?

I thought Apartheid was in a time of the past and since 1994, been consigned to the garbage bin of failed policies! The title of this site is not an…

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What really happened on Youth day 1976 in Soweto? Part 3

“Dr. Melville Leonard Edelstein, one of only two white men who died in the Soweto Uprising of 16 June 1976 – murdered as a direct consequence of his compassion. This…

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What Really Happened On Youth Day 1976 in Soweto? Part 2

To summarize the previous post in this three part blog on Youth Day, Dan Roodt believes that the day is part of a propaganda machine to burn, destroy and kill…

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What really happened on Youth day 1976 in Soweto? Part 1

In an Article titled Forty Years Since the Soweto Riots: A legacy of arson, destruction, and killing one’s benefactors, Dan Roodt believes the uprising or Soweto riots of 1976 are…

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