• May 5, 2020

Reminiscent of the Holocaust – ANC South African government starving minorities

Reminiscent of the Holocaust – ANC South African government starving minorities

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SA Police confiscate food care packages

I received this message in my inbox this morning.

I lived during apartheid and I can’t remember seeing the South African police doing anything as egregious as this, ever! If you have such evidence then please correct me but this is now totally over the top. For those who don’t read Afrikaans, here is the word for word translation of what #patriot Pat Snyman reported:

“share this please, let it go viral. And if you won’t, then never mind.”
“5/3 4:26 PM: The police yesterday confiscated 200 food packages donated by our church en route to the squatter camp. They said no food will be delivered to white people. They didn’t allow the vehicles to leave until the food was confiscated. 😱”
“5/3, 4:26 PM: it was Heavenly Light that tried to drop off food to Bonaccord white squatters camp. Can we please pray that God will bare His arm so that whites will also be helped during this time. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭”

I have reviewed Scott’s youtube channel and found that he is now on day 2 of a hunger strike in protest. Thank you, Scott, for having the guts to confront this evil. I agree with you that this is reminiscent of the Boer War concentration camps or those used by Hitler in the Holocaust. I am not equating the death of 60 million with this just saying if we stand by idly and do nothing then we could have something similar. The silent majority are just as culpable since their lack of protest is condoning this sort of abuse of power.

Here is Scott’s video if you are interested:

Concerned citizens are speaking out daily, using social media because they know that the narrative is being manipulated in the LameStream Media. Here is a sample from a concerned citizen that was posted on FB. I am sorry I don’t know who wrote it originally as I received it by mail only and I will not patronize FB or “twatter”.

The irony of this country.

These four men together gave the South African government over R 4.6 billion in donations to help businesses with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pretty generous, right. Here comes the irony…

White people made donations. While White people will not receive donations. Based on the fact that they are indeed, White.

Another piece of Irony.

Patrice Motsepe made a 20% donation of what these four men donated.

President Cyril Ramaposa thanked the Motsepe family 4 times on National Live TV and streaming programs for his donation.

Not thanking, or even mentioning the Rupert family, Oppenheimer family, Michiel Le Roux or Koos Bekker (who by the way made the biggest contribution of them all, R1.5 billion) in any of his speeches. Ironic isn’t it.

Let’s keep this going…

In the President’s speeches, he goes to thank all farm workers.

He didn’t once thank our FARMERS for their efforts to provide us with food in this time.

Coincidence? I will let you be the judge of that one.

So is that all the white man did in this difficult time for our country?

Let me think…

There is the Pick n Pay initiative, “Feed the Nation” Covid-19 relief fund that provides food and hygiene products to vulnerable South Africans during the lockdown.

Where PnP CEO, Richard Brasher and PnP founder Raymond Ackerman, started this fund off with a R5 million donations out of their own pockets.

Brasher is donating half his salary to this fund.

What about Outsurance owner Willem Roos, that generously donated R 29 million for food parcels, protective equipment and business rescue funds to South Africa?

CEO of Investec, Hendrik Du Toit that made a R 5 million donation for food parcels.

He also invested in a number of initiatives like hospitals, education training, investment opportunities and protective gear such as hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, etc.

Noel Doyle, CEO of Tiger Brands, donated resources to feed over 30,000 families a day. These families receive 2 meals every day.

Even Donald Trump (the whitest man in the world) and the American government, donated R410 million to South Africa’s Covid-19 relief fund.

Should I go on???

So to sum all this up. The white man’s efforts are gladly accepted by the government, but the white man is not entitled to these funds.

Oh the irony.

Please – don’t let them get away with this, we must fight for the human dignity of every human being, regardless of their race or ethnicity, religious affiliation or political party.
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  • Lyndi Hack May 7, 2020 at 3:24 pm

    This is very sad that you have people living in these terrible conditions with no food, black or white but it is especially bad in SA because the government is allowed to discriminate like this. There are poor like this in many countries, but only in SA do they have laws like BEE and how come there are no sanctions from other countries?!

    • Sean May 7, 2020 at 3:27 pm

      What is BEE?

      • Lyndi Hack May 8, 2020 at 8:58 am

        Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is a racially selective programme launched by the South African government to redress the inequalities of Apartheid by giving black South African citizens economic privileges that are not available to White South Africans, in essence wealth redistribution. It is a form of Affirmative action.

        BEE’s aim is to attempt to create equality in the workforce of South Africa as a whole by enforcing the advantaging of the previously disadvantaged and the disadvantaging the previously advantaged. This results in businesses having to consider the race and social background of any potential applicant instead of making decisions purely based on qualifications and experience, resulting in a system in which one’s race is often the determining factor in finding employment.

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