• October 30, 2020



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In the video above Claire makes some bold claims. The first thing we ought to do is assess the credibility of each claim. Thankfully Reuters has done just that. It is however unfortunate that the author chose, very early on, to interject the pre-suppositions they take into the investigation of the veracity of Claire’s claims by saying of Claire that she was “sharing numerous conspiracies about the pandemic.” Setting that aside, for now, Reuters was able to confirm that her claim to have worked for the U.N. was true even though the way they state it you would be excused for thinking Claire lied! They then deal with two additional claims:

  1. Claire worked for the U.N. – confirmed true by Reuters
  2. The COVID-19 pandemic was planned by Bill Gates.
  3. 5G spreads COVID-19

The first is supposedly dealt with in a September 10th article where it is claimed that the source of the virus, according to the CDC, “most likely a large seafood and live animal market in Wuhan, China”. The claim however was not that Bill Gates started the virus, but rather that he planned it. One can simulate a pandemic, as is seen from the Event 201 “Global Pandemic Exercise” held in October 2019, without being the cause for the pandemic that ultimately is released into the real-life scenario. Interestingly, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, together with John Hopkins and the World Economic Forum, were organizers of that conference.

Coming back to the claim that it probably started in a live animal food market, according to the CDC, I can’t help but wonder why they site an article written January 17th as definitive considering we have learned so much about the pandemic since then. I for one am not convinced and am not alone when you consider the article from early November states we might never know.

But Claire’s claim was that Gates planned it and the evidence of Event 201 agrees with her that she is truthful in that statement. That’s 2 out of 2 on the side of Claire and going against Reuters. Let’s see how they do with the third claim.

As an RF Engineer with over twenty years of work experience in USA, South Africa, Australia, and Mexican wireless design I can categorically state that cause and effect relationships between microwave radiation; at least at the levels of 200 mW emitted from Mobile phones and the 40W tower-mounted Remote Radio Heads; are very hard to prove definitively. Think of it, proving health deterioration over a long period of time while eliminating all other possible causes like health and exercise is practically impossible. I am therefore skeptical that 5G can be isolated as a cause for COVID-19. But listen carefully to her claim at 2:10, it is not so much that she is claiming 5G spreads COVID but rather that it suppresses the immune system and studies show a correlation of 5G network rollout and positive cases of the virus.

Reuters has once again built a straw man argument and then destroyed it in an attempt to fool the would-be diligent researcher of the questions being raised by more and more conscientious people. I know from first-hand experience that when a vendor schedules maintenance on a tower then the radios are supposed to be shut down to limit the amount of exposure the personnel is subjected to. In addition, if antennas are installed on rooftops, by FCC law there is a responsibility that Mobile Network Operators clearly mark areas where prolonged exposure to the radiation would be harmful. If it’s perfectly safe then why the guidelines? See this excellent website detailing the said constraints.

Labeling alternative views as conspiracy theories, censoring the availability of those views, is not helpful and adds to the suspicion that more and more citizens around the world have of their governments, big tech, and the media. Add to this very self-incriminating statements made by world leaders and you have the recipe for concern. Take for example the recently recorded statement (2:05 min) by the president of Canada, Justin Trudeau, during a United Nations video conference that took place back in September and referring to the COVID-19 pandemic as an

“opportunity for a reset.”

That is exactly the same language Claire uses at 1:15 min in her statement. All this talk about global resets and new normals has me and a lot of other people weary about exactly what the implications for such a reset might be. This is especially true in the light of the New World Order’s stated aims for the future. If you have not seen them please watch the video below.


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