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The hoax, even upon exposure through the best disinfectant of light or truth, continues now through June 4th as PA Governor ‘Wolf in sheep’s clothing’ doubles down on irrational thinking.

It is true that no savvy political animal will take a risk, and it takes a leader to do what is right regardless of the cost. That doesn’t, however, alleviate the pain that a father feels when he cannot provide for his family through no fault as his own. The mom who watches her beloved child suffer because they have no money for medicine. The son who will never play ball with his big brother in the backyard because big bro’ has taken his own life. The little girl who can’t understand why daddy is smacking mommy out of the frustration and failure he feels as he cannot provide for the family and is a failure in their eyes.

It was reported yesterday, May 07, that red counties in PA will be in shutdown until June 4th! If you missed the piece you can find it here. While I am grateful that the yellow counties will indeed reopen today, I can’t help but wonder if politics is at play in these extended lockdown orders. It’s hard, if not impossible, to impugn someone’s motives, we are called to discern their fruit and I am calling out the lack of fruit on our leader here.

Exhibit A: Wolf Administration is Caught Adding Up to 269 Fake Coronavirus Deaths to State Totals the Day After Anti-Lockdown Protests in Pennsylvania

  • This is not an allegation, he got caught! This took place as hundreds of protesters converged at the State capitol.
  • “PA Health Secretary Rachel Levine added 269 deaths to the Pennsylvania count…” according to “The Franklin County Journal
  • After weeks of feeling financially strangled by these draconian shutdown orders, concerned patriots took to the streets.
  • The Franklin Journal reported, “Wolf has been just one of a number of Democrat governors who have seized this opportunity to strangle our booming economy to hurt President Trump’s chances in an election year.”
  • Franklin County, where this hoax was exposed, remains one of those in lockdown.

Exhibit B: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf to Veto Bill Reopening Businesses in the State

  • After the PA State senate passed the Bill 613 on 4/15 which, according to PennLive, would have allowed “certain employers to reopen their businesses and get workers back to work within the next three weeks,” (as cited by Hannah Bleau of Breitbart News.
  • Wolf’s spokesperson justified his actions by deflecting to the irresponsibility of going against the direction of the secretary of health. Is that the same PA Health Secretary who was caught later fudging the numbers?
  • No way, surely not! Well, you guessed it. Same person, Dr. Rachel Levine!
  • Her statement for why she “adamantly opposed” the law is because it is “reckless and irresponsible” and could lead to a “tsunami of cases.”
  • “Republicans lack the two-thirds majority needed to override the imminent veto…”

Exhibit C: Pennsylvania reports: average coronavirus death age 79; 67% happened in nursing homes

  • Please explain to me why we are forcibly detaining, you might prefer quarantining, healthy people and seeing the kind of damage to small business and the middle and lower-income classes when 67% of the cases are in nursing homes?
  • When the average age of those who have succumbed to the illness is 79 years old?
  • Dr. Erickson and Massihi, in their Covid-19 briefing, brought up the same question (at 03:34 “we have never seen where you quarantine the healthy, where you take the healthy those without disease and without symptoms and lock them at home.”)
  • Disturbingly, “Of the 3,106 persons who have died, 11.9% had four comorbidities, 22.7% had three, 27.2% had two, 22.6% had one and 11% had zero.”
  • These were sick folks, folks. If this is my mom or dad then you can be damned sure I would be saying “you need to stay at the nursing home”! I would want protection and testing and PPE etc. I would want screenings to make sure nobody is entering that could infect them.
  • Question: How long do you think we will have that if all our taxpayers are bankrupt? Who is going to pay for that level of necessary preventative measures if our society falls apart because the healthy are without work?
  • “Pennsylvania has 37,000 hospital beds, and as of Wednesday, according to Turzai, 2,572 patients, or 6.95%, occupied the available beds in the state.”

It seems to me that most of PA is more like Bakersfield CA than like NYC and we need to take an approach that allows the majority of healthy people to get back to work while isolating and quarantining the aged and high risk within facilities paid for with contributions from productive members of society. That is the most humane thing we can do.

I stumbled upon a video of a Doctor who was blacklisted by the US NIH and I think it might shed some light on what we are witnessing in these irrational policies. Take a look:

I am just going to leave that for you to pray about. Remember, we are called to obey our leaders (Romans 13:1-7) when they are operating according to the principles as laid out in the Holy Scripture and when we find ourselves in a bind between doing what God clearly say’s in His word and what man says, we obey God (cf. Acts 5:29)!

The approach of some bold and courageous small business owners needs to be noted and these patriots given a ‘shout-out’ so here goes. Breitbart reported that

Pennsylvania Businesses Reopening Despite Gov. Wolf’s Orders

Julie Potter, the owner of East Freedom’s Tame Your Mane salon – choosing between complying OR going bankrupt and a starving family, says “I had to save my business,”! She has increased safety measures to reduce risk to the public by common-sense measures like, “temperature checks, the use of masks, and increased sanitization”.

Ray Ross, the owner of Gorilla House Gym in Altoona – feels as I do that this is political and cites “…Nurses are being laid off, and the hospitals are not overrun” as evidence. I salute you, brave patriot!

Nichole Missino, the owner of Giovanni’s Media Barber Shop in Media – “We’re going to have to open because pretty soon we’re going to run out of money to feed our families”. Like Julie Potter, Nichole plans to make use of increased safety measures because “Barbers are trained to contain infectious diseases”.

You can help these patriots by donning a mask and getting a haircut or going for a workout.


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